Course Category: Primary Schools

Teaching and Learning Online

About This Course  This course focuses on pedagogy. It examines approaches to remote and digitally enhanced teaching and learning.  What you’ll learn: How to be ready to promote teaching and learning online.  How content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and technological knowledge need to be combined differently in a remote learning scenario.  How to structure learning online.  What to look out for when first delivering video-based lessons.  …

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Introduction to OneNote

About This Course In this course we explore Microsoft OneNote, a digital notebook made up of pages of typed or handwritten notes. To each page we can insert images, drawings, tables of information, files, online video clips or audio recordings. The pages in a OneNote notebook are organised into sections, in the same way you …

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Using Minecraft in Education

About This Course This course is overview of how Minecraft can be used to teach a range of subjects to engage students. What you’ll learn List basic controls to build a Minecraft World How to introduce Minecraft to lessons. How to promote Creativity in planning using Minecraft

Introduction to Word Online

About This Course This course is for those familiar with traditional Microsoft Word. It introduces key features of Word for the Web and how they integrate with Office 365 and the desktop version of Word. What you’ll learn An overview of Word Online How to create a document How to Save documents and access version …

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Introduction to SharePoint

About This Course SharePoint is for secure collaboration, where team members, inside and outside an organisation, share files, news, resources and messages. This course provides a basic overview of how you could use SharePoint in a workflow using other Office 365 applications. What you’ll learn An overview of SharePoint Features. An understanding of how SharePoint …

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Introduction to PowerPoint Online

About This Course This course is designed for those familiar with the traditional desktop version of Microsoft PowerPoint. It introduces key features of PowerPoint Online in Office 365 and how it integrates with the desktop version of PowerPoint. What you’ll learn: Know the differences between PowerPoint online and the traditional desktop version. Be able to …

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