OneNote in Education

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About this course

Explore OneNote Class Notebook.

A OneNote Class Notebook can be thought of as a ring binder, holding a virtually unlimited number of pages and shared between the teacher and students in a class. Pages are like those in a standard OneNote notebook, able to contain a range of content types:

  • text
  • images
  • drawings
  • tables of information
  • online video
  • audio recordings

A Class Notebook is different in how pages are organised into sections groups, each with different permissions. This gives a teacher control over the pages a student can see and those a student can edit. A Class Notebook offers collaborative learning experiences. It combines effective distribution of multimedia pages a student can access at school or at home. Once assignments are complete the teacher can provide feedback and next steps – all within the Class Notebook.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand what a Class Notebook offers educators.
  • How to create a new Class Notebook in Office 365 or Microsoft Teams
  • Methods to share pages by distributing to student sections or attaching to an assingment.
  • How to manage your Class Notebook: adding and removing teams
  • The potential of Staff Notebooks for collaboration.